Our product provides a continuous concrete border around your beds, trees, gardens, and  play areas. This is not block work. Its durability reduces maintenance cost and effort.  Since it is concrete and installed in one “piece,” it won’t break like plastic, move like brick, rot like wood, or allow roots to penetrate borders.  Decorative curbing incorporates functionality and beauty into any landscape!

Consider the advantages:

  • Eliminates annual edging
  • Provides a long lasting and effective option to your edging needs.
  • Installation occurs on-site with virtually no disturbance to your existing beds.
  • Installation is fast and does not require form work.  Most projects are completed in one day.
  • It is affordable.
  • Provides beauty, curb appeal, and value to your property.
  • Design flexibility allows for flowing curves, straight lines, angles, and rings.

Our decorative curbing offers an almost infinite number of colors, textures, and patterns–we are sure to find one that fits your unique landscape conditions.