How long are the pieces and where can I get them?

This is not block work. Our Decorative Curbing is a continuous landscape border which is mixed and extruded on-site and in one “piece.”

Will my Decorative Curbing crack?

Yes, all concrete will crack. We place control joints every 24- 30 inches which will not only control where cracking may occur, but will also keep potential cracks out of sight. These joints allow for shifting during the winter months while maintaining the integrity of your curb. We also add cable and fibermesh to help strengthen the curb.

How deep do you pour the footers? There is no need for footers in the process. Your Decorative Curbing will be installed approximately 2 inches below the ground, on a compacted and leveled surface.

Will installation disturb my existing landscape? Decorative Curb installation will be done with little to no damage to your lawn and landscape. No heavy equipment or machinery is needed for this process! A 12 inch sod cutter, curb extruder, and wheelbarrow are the primary equipment. We take great care in leaving your property the way we find it! (except for the new Decorative Curbing)

How long will installation take?

Most projects will be completed in 1 day.

Can you do tree rings?

Decorative Curbing provides nearly limitless design possibilities! Since it is extruded on-site, we can form sweeping curves, straight lines, 90 degree corners, or even tree rings. If you have an idea, we can probably make it happen.

How long does the curb take to dry?

Your Decorative Curbing will be dry to the touch within 24 hours, however to fully cure it will require 28 days. During the first 2 days your curb is most vulnerable to damage by children, pets, or irrigation. We recommend keeping such potential threats away from it for this time period.

How do you paint the curb?

We don’t. Your selected color is mixed directly into the concrete before the extrusion process. After extruding the concrete, we trowel it and stamp it to your requested design and then sealant is applied. This final step not only adds to the beauty of your curb but protects it and aids in the hardening process. Re-sealing is recommended every 1-2 years to maintain longevity of your curb.

When can you install Decorative Curbing?

Due to the concrete, we will install the curbing as the weather and temperature permits! Most of our curbing is done between April and November, but as the daytime and overnight temperatures permit, we can do it if and when the weather cooperates! To be safe, we choose to install our curb when the temperature will not get below 38-40 degrees within the first couple days in order to assure its structural integrity and proper curing of the concrete.

I’ve seen some of this before but I don’t like that it appears shiny and plastic-like. Will mine look like that?

No! While some companies choose to go that route, we choose to keep your Decorative Curbing looking natural and real, much like your landscape. We achieve this through the sealer we use.

I have a lot I’d like to get done, but can I afford it?

When compared to other options, even do it yourself projects, our product is quite affordable and professionally installed. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate and discuss options for installing your Decorative Curb in different “phases” as you see fit.

Are you a franchise?

No! We are a private, locally owned and operated business from Mechanicsburg, PA. We are happy to be serving our neighbors.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! Please read below for our warranty and care information.

Warranty and care for your decorative curbing

  • Keep pets, children, and objects away from the curb for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours it will be hard to the touch but it will still need several days to set up. If damage occurs within 3-4 days of the day of installation, there will be a $200 charge to repair the curbing. We do our best to post “Wet Cement” signs after the installation to help prevent damage.
  • If our crew is on-site at the time of installation and damage occurs due to pets, people, or any other type of accidental activity there is a $25 charge to fix the work due to additional labor.
  • Inform any landscapers to avoid taking heavy wheelbarrows or machinery over the curb, as this may cause cracking.
  • We recommend resealing your curbing every 1-2 years. This will help minimize the aging effects of the sun/weather, and will extend the life of your curbing.
  • Avoid getting the curb wet for the first 12 hours. We make every effort to install our curbing when there is no chance of rain. If, however, it does rain after we leave you may want to cover the curb with plastic.
  • Efflorescence (white powdery substance) rarely appears on our curbs because we use Efflor-Guard in our concrete mix. However, if it does occur use a 50/50 water and vinegar solution to brush off the curb.
  • Colored curbing may appear “splotchy” as it dries. This is a normal part of the curing process and is not to be confused with efflorescence.
  • There is a minimum charge of $200 for repairs to damaged curbing not covered under our warranty.
  • Damage to sprinkler lines, telephone wires, cable TV, or other buried items by our equipment is not our responsibility. Please mark any wires of which we should be aware. (Note: since we are only removing sod, cutting depth is about 2.5”)
  • Cracking – decorative curbing like any other type of concrete can and will crack. If you look at a concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc., you will see that they all have expansion joints. We make expansion joints every 18″ – 24″ and ideally that is where the concrete will crack, as that is the weakest point. We add cable and fibermesh to strengthen the curb, but cracking may still happen. We can come back and repair the cracks, but keep in mind that it is extremely hard to match the original color and sometimes a small crack looks much better than a patch that is “off color”.
  • Warranty – We guarantee our curbing for two years against defects caused by our materials or workmanship.
  • Cracking resulting from tree roots, extreme forces of nature, or consumer negligence are not covered under our warranty. If your curbing should crack outside of our expansion joints, we will replace the affected section free of charge within our warranty period. However, keep in mind (as stated above) an exact color match is impossible to guarantee.

Thank you for using our product! We are confident you will enjoy it for years to come. Please contact us if you have any questions.